Lounges & Sofas

qual sofa.jpgAny items made at Gold Coast Upholsterers can be assured that the structure is made to the highest quality to meet the exacting standards that our clients require.

We can design for you, or you can bring an image along or email your ideas.

We have many different types of density foams to get you the comfort levels which would suit the most discerning person. When we make a custom sofa the client is encourage at every step to make comments such as at the frame stage we encourage the client to "sit" and make changes to comfort levels such as softer or more firm before upholstery is completed. So if you don't seem to be able to find that special design you have in mind then come and see us for a free quote. Being a Gold Coast Upholsterer for many years has given us the ability to give ideas and advise to a wide range of people's ideas.